Upholstered arm chairs are a fabulous addition to any dining room setting. The dining chair complements a dining room table not only by adding a comfortable seating element but also by adding color and comfort to the room’s decor. At Somerton Dwelling, we have everything from beautiful floral armchairs such as our Belle Fleur Arm Chair to more minimalist side chairs in solid fabrics. Whatever your need might be Somerton Dwelling offers a wide variety of classic and modern dining chairs to add color and style to your dining room.

At Somerton Dwelling, we believe it is important to create a fun, inviting dining room arrangement since your kitchen and dining spaces usually involve food which in turn attracts friends and family. Between entertaining and everyday use, your kitchen and dining room furniture see its fair share of happy times, homework and late night noshing. We have a host of designs from which to choose so that your dining room arrangement is an expression of your family’s style.

With our wide range of dining room chairs, you are sure to find the silhouette and fabric your dining space craves. Take for example our Leaping Cane Back Arm Chair. This upholstered arm chair makes a wonderful addition to any dining room ensemble but is easily used in your living room to accommodate more guests during your near-legendary parties or festive family fun nights.

The possibilities are almost endless. You are only limited by your imagination so take a look around. We are sure you will fall in love with our dining room chairs and furniture.
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