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Defining one’s design style can be a bit perplexing. Is it perhaps one of the 18 different styles identified by HGTV? Or do you utter that mystery word, “eclectic”? Relax. Decorating your home in a unique but cohesive way is easy. Let’s begin by choosing a good starting point—we’re talking about accent tables or “occasional” furniture, as folks in the furniture industry like to call them.

End tables and coffee tables are the bones of your living space. They’re utilitarian by nature but that doesn’t mean they can’t exude fashion. 

Novara Livingroom

Take our Manhattan end table for example. It’s a modern cocktail mixed with retro and a twist of Art Deco on the side. A work of art on its own, it opens the door for you to explore a variety of styles. Just add your favorite rug and pair it with contemporary, mid-century modern or transitional upholstery pieces. 

Manhattan Livingroom

If you lean more toward an architectural style with linear looks then the Studio collection could be right up your alley. Contemporary flirted with Art Deco and this is the intriguing result. A love story written for a modern world, Studio is kissed with “X” pattern mahogany veneers, made impossible to resist by space-saving silhouettes. 

Studio End Table

There’s more to occasional pieces than design and utility—at least for Somerton Dwelling. We also consider flexibility. Take the iMPROV in B And Then There Was Three tables. They are the epitome of space-saving magic with two nested tables tucked smartly out of sight. Slide one or both out for extra accent tables or simply to extend the table’s surface.

iMPROV in B Nesting Tables

And, if you think THAT’s magic, check out this video of configure-your-own furniture —it’s a DIY furniture designer’s dream come true.
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