Tips for a Memorable New Year’s Eve Party

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2014 is so last year…literally.  Why not launch 2015 in style with a creative take on the traditional New Year’s Eve party?  Even if your bank account is not up to a full-scale production, you can give your guests the satisfying illusion of big-budget glamour for the night using smart planning and inexpensive props.


Tips for throwing a New Years Party
Elegant Simplicity: The traditional New Year’s Eve black, white and purple color scheme offers plenty of opportunity for creativity.  Put gold and silver Christmas tree balls in a white bowl and add some black candles for an easy centerpiece; cover the ceiling with helium balloons trailing long ribbons; serve candies wrapped in gold and silver, and dust cakes and cookies with edible gold glitter; put out sparklers in a pretty vase and encourage your guests to light them outside at midnight.  And don’t forget that Christmas decorations go on sale days before Christmas—snap up anything with glitz and glitter and find a way to work it into your decor.


Party ideas for New YearsVia Pinterest

Put Your Guests in a Good Light: Set the scene by tucking candles—either the real deal or LED candles—wherever you can, and replacing regular light bulbs with pink bulbs.  Lay strands of Christmas tree lights down the center of the table and cover the lights with shimmery sheer or lightweight white fabric.  Instant facelift!


 New Years Party Ideas
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The Silly Stuff: Add a touch of whimsy just before midnight with a big punch bowl full of silly hats, boas and noisemakers, and since there’s going to be a lot of kissing going on, put out a bowl of breath mints and maybe some mini-lipsticks as well.  Hang a fabric backdrop emblazoned with “2015” near the props, create a special party hashtag on Instagram and encourage people to take and upload photos of themselves welcoming in the New Year.


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 Bar Tab: When you invite your guests, let them know that you’ll be serving a specialty drink, but also have set-ups available if they want to BYOB. As an alternative, plan the evening as a wine tasting event and ask each guest to bring a favorite bottle to share--have a table set up with cards and pens so each guest can write a little something about the wine he or she has brought. To keep things straight throughout the night (and cut down on dishes the next day) paint the bases of inexpensive wine glasses with blackboard paint so guests can write their names with chalk, or embellish glasses with glittery stick-on numbers.  Save the champagne and sparkling cider for just before midnight--and be sure to have the phone numbers of local cab companies posted right by the front door.


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Night and Day: Your guests will enjoy having finger food throughout most of the evening. But to make your party even more memorable, a little surprise breakfast buffet of pastries, fruit, juice, coffee and a make-ahead egg and sausage casserole will be a crowd pleaser.  Most of your guests were going to oversleep breakfast anyway, so they’ll be extra glad to get something filling to start the day (plus, it may help curb possibilities of a hangover the next day). 

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