Time for a Fresh Start

Remember to recycle
It's part of who we are and we hope you'll make it part of who you are.
If your holidays were a whirlwind, you’re probably ready to put things in order and jump into 2016 with a clean slate.

First, let’s tackle decluttering and organizing.

Soho Coffee Table

At the center of every den or living room is the coffee table (sometimes called cocktail table in the home furnishings industry). They are useful for putting up your feet, as a surface for beverages or for family game night. They can also be the location that “gathers stuff.” This solution is the Cools Beans coffee table from our SoHo collection and it has handy shelves and drawers for storing remotes, newspapers and books, stashing a throw, and tucking away games or the new adult coloring books you got for Christmas.  (Buzzfeed says these are the "16 Colouring Books That Are Perfect For Grown-Ups".)

CDL Panel Bed

Under-bed storage needn’t be difficult to access. Our Pique Panel bed from Claire de Lune has optional built-in under-bed-storage drawers—choose one or two depending on your needs—that maintain the bed’s clean design. They’re perfect for storing bolsters or pillows and linens. (Or, shhhh, those new shoes you aren’t quite ready to bring out. “What new shoes?”)

iMPROV in B Charm with Benefits

One of the problems with storage and decluttering is your needs are ever changing. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. iMPROV lets you adapt your furniture to your storage needs—it’s flexible, fun, funky, and fashionable. This short video shows you how easily you can configure and reconfigure the components to create the perfect storage. With shelving and back panels that reverse from wood tones to red or teal, you can give your space added personality. It’s like having a new piece of furniture whenever you want!

Cleaning and caring for your furniture is just as important as cleaning and caring for your home—but MUCH easier. The basics are no brainers—dust when dusty; clean when dirty; polish as needed; and protect from excess heat and sunlight.

But—what should you use to dust and polish? There are so many products on the market—but no worries, we’ve simplified cleaning for you too. You should use a clean, dry cloth or a cloth specifically treated for use on furniture. 

dusting cloth

We recommend Guardsman® cleaning cloths—they’re specially formulated for use on quality furniture. These cloths hold on to the dust (unlike feather dusters that basically relocate the dust, making more work for you). While supplies last, you can get one absolutely free by clicking here and telling us a little about yourself. And, don’t worry. We will never share your info with others. 

If you have something sticky on your surface you can wet a clean, soft cloth with a mixture of water and mild soap (that’s intended for furniture). Wring it out until it’s just damp and clean the surface, working with the grain of the wood; dry it immediately.

Click here for our complete guide to furniture care. 

If you have bigger cleaning issues—or repair needs—don’t experiment or go it alone. Ask your Somerton Dwelling retailer for help—they have lots of resources available to refresh and repair your treasures.
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