Size Matters…Or, Does it?

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Size Matters…Or, Does it?

Pick up any decorating magazine or scroll through your favorite designer blogs and you’re going to read about the tiny home trend. They’re cute. They’re ingenious. And they’re TINY. While there’s something a bit romantic and adventurous about living in a tiny home, it’s not for everyone. Somewhere in between these miniature dwellings and McMansions, there’s the rest of us trying to figure out how to make our smallish rooms feel bigger.

Whether it’s picking the perfect paint or changing the way you think about your furniture these tips will keep your cozy haven from feeling cramped.

Paint the walls with luscious colors or that bold red you’ve always wanted to try. You can make a room seem bigger and more open by painting the main area—like the living room—a lighter shade (soft yellow, for instance) and the room leading into it—like the entryway or hall—a deeper, bolder color How about Benjamin Moore’s Outrageous Orange? Designer Jonathan Adler says it’s his go-to color.

Country Living image
Credit: article "17 Unexpected Ways to Make the Most of Any Space in Your House"

Declutter. Keep as much stuff off the floor as possible. Draw the eye up by hanging pictures a bit higher and add mirrors. Mirrors open up a space and add light instantly. Ditch the heavy or dark window treatments. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, dress the windows in floor to ceiling curtains, it gives the appearance of taller ceilings, bigger windows and a larger space. You’ll find tons of examples for these clever visual tricks in magazines like Real Simple or Country Living.

Pierre Table and Freya Chair

Consider the scale of your furniture. Stick with smaller to medium pieces. When shopping have your room measurements handy—a sofa or dining room table may seem perfect in a store or photo, but looks can be deceiving. Use tape on the floor to visualize how it will fit in your space. Function is also important. Imagine how you’ll use the piece, and think outside the box. The piece may be advertised or shown as a sofa table, but who’s to say you can’t use it as a sideboard in your dining room?

Our “And Then There Were Three” tables from the iMPROV in G collection are savvy space savers. The two nested tables have an 18 extra inches of tabletop when you need it and easily slide out of the way when you don’t.

iMPROV nesting tables

The Claire de Lune bachelor chest has multi-function written all over it. This piece is sexy enough (and just the right size) to use in the living room or bedroom as an entertainment center (it has a built-in electrical outlets and flip-down top drawer front) or as an accent piece in the foyer.

CDL Bachelor Chest

When it comes to function and flexibility (and funk) iMPROV wins. It’s create-your-own furniture. Stackable components let you build a desk, entertainment center, dining hutch, nightstand—whatever you need, wherever you need it.

Enjoy more style, more color and more FUN. Be creative! Grab your favorite paint, find the perfect mirror and window treatments, create your own multi-functional piece of furniture…and start enjoying your cozy home.
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