Shoe Solutions: Showcasing Your Kicks

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If you have a shoe addiction, be rest assured that you’re not alone as many women can identify with the insatiable need to fill their closet with the season’s hottest footwear.

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 500; you’ll always find another pair of shoes that matches that one shirt. But as the collection continues to grow, finding a spot to store your “foot jewelry,” becomes harder and harder.

While we lust after those celebrity closets with endless amounts of shoe shelving, the reality is many of us have small walk-in closets or closets that barely fit a summer wardrobe, let alone hold an extensive collection of heels.

One solution to your storage problems is thinking about shoes differently. Shoes are in fact statement pieces, art, and show-and-tell items. Instead of trying to stuff them in the closet, in a corner or under the bed, here are a few ways to showcase your style and solve your storage problems!

Left Image: Freestyle Living™. Right Image: Shoe In

Bookcases: If you have a large walk-in closet, but don’t have any shelving, a bookcase is an excellent way to store shoes and keep them organized. If limited space is a concern, a bookcase-turned-shoe-display can still look great in your bedroom as a showcase item, like Somerton Dwelling’s “Shoe In” or through their Freestyle Living™ program, where you design a piece to specifically fit your needs.

Via Daily Interior Design Blog

Galleries: Gallery walls have been a hot interior design trend recently and it’s not just limited to wall art! Just install some shelving and voila! You instantly have a trendy and stylish way to showcase your fabulous kicks! 

Via Glitter and Goat Cheese

Think Cinderella: Do you have one pair of shoes that are just to die for? Maybe they are a pair of Louboutins or your special wedding day shoes you splurged on. Instead of keeping them hidden in a box in the closet, channel your inner Cinderella and put them on display (even if they aren’t glass slippers).  A glass can be found at many retailers or you can improvise a glass cake stand to display swoon-worthy footwear.

Via Apartment Therapy

Repurpose a China Cabinet: China cabinets aren’t just reserved for storing China, crystal or other valuables. They’re also a stylish alternative for storing your shoes.

Now that your storage solutions have been solved, we give you permission to go buy a few more pairs. After all, you can never have too many shoes! 


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