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Everyone is coming to your house for the big game—the hours you spent on Pinterest paid off and your snacks are to die for and you carefully and thoughtfully invited the perfect mix of friends. And by thoughtfully we mean you didn’t invite more people than you have room for.

What happens? A few guests bring plus ones (but that’s ok because they brought the best dip ever from The Pioneer Woman) and then your sister and her family show up. You’re all out of folding chairs and the game’s about to start. (And, they are ugly anyway…so not your style!)

Credit:  The Pioneer Woman

Here are a few tips to strike a good balance for next time.
“Host chair” is a fancy name for that upholstered chair that looks like an armchair but that sits at the head of your dining room table. Heidi and Miranda are just two of our Open Seating options. These beauties work well in your dining area but also as accent chairs in other areas of your house, such as your foyer, bedroom or living room. When game day comes invite them into the family room.

miranda chairheidi chair

Benches, bar stools and upholstered ottomans are multi-functional—they hold drinks and snacks, add a decorative element and serve as seating. You can add benches just about anywhere—in your hallway, on the porch, or even at the foot of your bed. Some casual dining sets—like our Novara collection, have bench seating too. Right here alone you’d have seven extra seats at kick-off, and you didn’t have to drag them out of the closet.


Apartment Therapy has creative decorating ideas on just about everything. Even extra seating. Add oversized pillows to your décor, which not only makes everything cozier, but also can be tossed on the floor for extra seating. Low-seating options like these woven poufs could easily slide under your cocktail table to save space.

low seating
Credit:  Apartment Therapy

Take a look around the house. Do you have extra seating options you might have overlooked? If not, check out Open Seating and get ready for your next big gathering.
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