Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Whether you call it a foyer, vestibule or entryway this space has a big job it’s the first glimpse guests get of your home. This is the room that says, Hello! Welcome! Please come in. It also gives a hint about your design style or personality and lets people know what they can expect elsewhere in your home. And yes, the Will Rogers quote is true You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

So throw open the door and let your visitors see what a design diva you really are! Here are a few tips to get you started:

Set the stage: Are you contemporary? Classic? Traditional? Eclectic? Whatever look trips your trigger, put your best foot forward in this space. If your entryway is large enough, add a pop of color with this red chair (check out our Open Seating selection for some other options). The console itself is a functional place to hide storage baskets full of scarves, mittens, gloves or even your stash of board games.

red chair room scene

If your space is smaller, forgo the chairs and pair the hall console with a striking piece of art (or even better, a killer mirror) and make an amazing first impression.

hall chestv2

Don’t be afraid of color: Though some design experts caution against using bold, strong colors in small spaces, foyers are a bit of an exception mainly because it’s a pass-through space, you don’t often hang out in your entryway for long periods of time so go big and bold with color. Paint the walls a warm, vibrant red, or, if not color on the walls, go for big bold paintings or pieces of sculpture. This sexy sofa table from our Manhattan group is the perfect Demilune to hold your treasure and the drawer’s a useful place to stash your keys, sunglasses, or the dog’s leash.

Manhattan Sofa table

Liven it up: Literally add life (and other natural elements) to your foyer with some fragrant plants and/or flowers on a great piece, like the Sophisticate Server. Consider a pot of lavender, scented geraniums (they come in lemon, lime, rose, nutmeg, ginger and yes, even chocolate scents), eucalyptus, or even varieties of jasmine or orchids.

Sophisticate server

There you have it some quick, easy ideas on how to turn a small, often overlooked space into the perfect preview for your palace.
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