Mix & Match Chairs with New Open Seating Program

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Make way for the newest, hottest and trendiest home furnishing models to hit the runway. We are proud to introduce our Open Seating program: Meet Giselle, Adriana, Claudia, Elle, Freja, Heidi, Karolina, Kate, Miranda, Naomi and Rosie.

Do those names ring a bell? Our Open Seating program, which features bright, colorful finishes and patterned fabrics, was named after some of the most notable fashion models in the industry. We’re bringing sleek and sexy to furniture, and we have these lovely ladies to thank for it. Naturally, each chair needed a muse!

If you love to mix and match or prefer a more eclectic look, then the Open Seating program is what you’ve been looking for. You can mix and match chairs or buy one of each! Let your dining room seating reflect your personality:  have fun, get creative and live the life you love!

The Open Seating program, which was debuted during the April 2014 High Point Market with 11 chairs, will be available this fall at retailers across the United States.

To get a glimpse of our ‘fashion models’, Somerton Dwelling has pulled back the curtain to give you a sneak peek at our hot new chairs:














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