Meet Our Secret Weapon: Stephanie Lena

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Ever wonder how we come up with the designs for our fabulous furniture? We have real people who are passionate about creating interiors that are on-trend and yet comfortable. Meet Stephanie Lena—one of the secret weapons we use to bring you the style you love. 

Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and join us as we get to know Stephanie.

Q: You were recently promoted to Somerton Dwelling’s VP of merchandising and design. What’s the most exciting part of your job?

A: I love the whole product development process. It’s so exciting coming up with an idea, creating a rendering, choosing the finish and hardware, and watching it come to life in our factories. However, the biggest high comes when consumers see the bed that was just an idea in my head and they decide to take it home. THAT’S what it’s all about! 

Q: What did you do before you joined Somerton Dwelling?

A: As a freelance designer, I created three collections for the HGTV Home line. It was so fun to be a part of the collaboration between HGTV and their manufacturer Bassett Furniture. We worked as a team to take everyone’s “wish lists” and make them a reality.

Q: What did 5-year old Stephanie see as her perfect job?

A: I’ve always loved design. I thought I wanted to be an architect…or maybe a car designer. But I ended up right where I belong! I love all things related to the home.

Q: How would you characterize your design style?

A: This is a tough question. I have to stay on top of the trends and that certainly influences my own style. I gravitate to clean lines…but that doesn’t necessarily mean contemporary. For example, I like heavy moulding, but it has to work with the proportion and style of the piece.

Q: What’s the last piece of furniture or home decor you bought? Why did you buy it?

A: I just recently moved with my boyfriend. Our tastes are very different but we are having fun trying to figure out what our style is together! I redecorated a bathroom, which included buying and hanging new shelves to create a blended décor. I asked him to leave the house while I did everything and it was so fun surprising him with the final look.

Q: How do you keep up with design trends?

A: Every day, I pour over design websites, social media, blogs and magazines. I never know where I’m going to get my next idea. I might find something that inspires a piece of hardware. Or I might see a woodturning that evolves into a whole new bedroom. We produce quite a bit of dining furniture at Somerton Dwelling, which means I have to keep up with trends in textiles, too. By going to fabric shows and watching what is happening in fashion, I can see where the trends are going.

Q: What social media do you use?

A: Pinterest is, by far, my favorite! I get so much inspiration there. I also see how people are decorating their homes and that allows me to come up with new ideas or different ways to use furniture.

Q: Who are your favorite home or fashion designers?

A: Barbara Barry is my all-time favorite. I love her sophisticated approach by using clean lines. All the pieces she uses don’t usually match in a room, but all of them work harmoniously together. I also love Lonni Paul whose work has been featured in Traditional Home. She has a great knack for putting things together and making it seem so natural

Q: Do you have a favorite color and how would you use it in a home?

A: My favorite color is hot pink…but that is tough to work into a home when there is a man in the house. So, I’m really in love with the all-white look right now. I love a wood floor with all white walls—it always looks so clean and warm at the same time.

Q: We know that shoppers on the Somerton Dwelling site are interested in small space living. What piece would you recommend that could add a lot of impact in a small footprint? 

A: I happen to love our And Then There Were Three tables. They are so versatile. You can leave them tucked in, or when you are having company, pull them out to create extra surface for cocktails!

And, to wrap up our Q&A with Stephanie, here are her answers to “10 things I love”:

Spending an evening out on the town with my boyfriend.

Any hot pink handbag.


Shopping with my mom—we always pick up the same things.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.


Catching up with friends over a dirty martini (with blue cheese olives, of course!)


High heels.

My iTunes library—I love all kinds of music and pride myself on how much music I have. I might be a music hoarder.

Campfires. I love the smell, watching the flames, and snuggling around the warmth.

A spa day.

Pillows…lots and lots of them.

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