Kid's Room or Your Room?

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Most people have dreams of a room all your own. It will be a haven and your place of creativity. No longer will you have to hastily gather your scrapbooking or sewing stuff from the dining room table when company is coming. Plan now for that future. (Or, if you are lucky enough to be an empty nester, do it now!)

When a toddler becomes school age is generally when parents (or grandparents) shop for a “real” bedroom suite to replace infant furniture. Here’s a tip. Buy it for YOU.  How will you use those pieces when your child heads off to college or career?

Kids have lots of stuff. Plastic tubs are handy but ugly. Repeat after us: Plastic tubs are not furniture. They are not furniture and shouldn’t be a part of your décor.

Even when you’ve successfully created an upholstered headboard for the room. We especially like this one from Ronique Gibson. See how here:   

Think configurable furniture. Components that can be arranged in a variety of ways will give you flexibility whether your main wall is 8 feet or 14 feet wide. This cohesive “piece” of furniture is actually 7 items that bolt together for one great-looking custom study and storage center. See more iMPROV at this link:

Here’s what you dream of. Converting the kid’s room to your very own. There’s a desk for your computer. Storage galore. A round space-saving table (it even has two drawers!). And, chic plaid (comfortable!) chairs. Of course, if you are an empty nester or lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, you can create and enjoy this space now. 

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