How To Style Your Bookcase

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It’s a pretty safe bet that there is at least one bookcase in your home. After all, they’re pretty much a home staple. It may be tucked away in a bedroom or out in your living room, storing your favorite novels, college textbooks and other odds and ends, but it’s time to start thinking about them differently.

Bookcases can be easily transformed from just shelves holding books to a stylish way to showcase your personality and add a little interior design flair to a room.

So go ahead and abandon the idea that they’re only good for limited uses and begin to let your imagination run wild with a few of these easy tricks to style your free-standing, geometric, stacked or built-in bookcases in a more modern way.

Via The Decorologist

There are many sleek, trendy, and fun ways to style a bookcase. For starters, they’re a great place to showcase some of your favorite trinkets that make you—you! Plants, family photos, vacation mementos and other meaningful items you want to show off are a great place to start.
If you’ve recently gotten married (congratulations, by the way!) and have no idea what to do with all of your new found china, a bookcase is a great alternative to investing in a traditional china cabinet.  
 Improv in B “Going Vertical” by Somerton Dwelling
Other great ways to style your bookcase are by adding color and mixing things up.

Select a bookcase with a reversible back and shelves like these from Somerton Dwelling. It can add a splash of color when you want it, and when your wild side calms down, just flip the script and go more traditional. Somerton Dwelling’s Improv collections give you that functionality. Improv in B allows you to choose between teal and walnut by simply flipping the shelves and back panel of the book case, while Improv in G gives you the choice of a sexy red and oak.

You can also add color to any bookcase with a small arrangement of flowers and a brightly colored vase. 
Your bookcase should exhibit who you are; your hobbies, favorite books, interests, and things you’re passionate about. With great styling, they can come alive and become the center point of any room in your home. 
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