How To Get More Seating In a Small Living Room

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Why does it seem like every time friends or family visit, your living room shrinks to the size of a matchbox? Why are people left sitting on the floor while others get to enjoy the comfy seat on the couch?

A lot of us love to entertain friends and family in our home, but a problem that frequently arises once a certain number of guests squeeze in is the lack of seating. Everyone inevitably winds up in the kitchen talking. Yes, the kitchen is a common hang out room (after all, it’s where the snacks are found), but we should spend more time enjoying our living rooms—because that’s what they’re for!

Living rooms are the place to showcase wonderful memories, little trinkets from recent adventures, and other unique items that we want people to see. They are also intended for intimate gatherings, fun conversation and comfortable seating. At first, it may appear impossible to come up with ways to have more seating in a small living room. Fortunately, there are many ways to create more seating without your visitors feeling cramped and without breaking the bank. Below are a few ideas that can help maximize the seating in a small living room. 

  • Steer away from large bulky furniture- The smaller the better. Choose pieces that won’t get in your way, like a small sofa with two chairs, rather than an oversized sofa. A small sofa, otherwise known as a loveseat or settee, is usually available from 54- to 63-inches, while a small-sized couch gulps up as much as 78-inches of your precious living room space. If comfortable seating is the goal, you don’t need huge arms on your sofa. A narrow arm or armless seating piece will provide more room for people to share seating space.  These changes will make a room look larger and less cramped.

  • Create walkways- Arrange furniture in such a way that the traffic flows to either side of the sofa. This adds functionality and space. When choosing a coffee table, pick a narrow table or bunching tables to save space, while still providing the mobility and functionality you need. Make sure to position the tables 16- to 18-inches from the front of the sofa, you don’t want to bang you knees when you sit down!
  • Eliminate the amount of tables in the room- We all love lamps! But that also means you’re probably using end tables to hold them, which is taking up space in your living room. Instead, move those tables to other rooms in your home where they could be useful and use wall sconces, ceiling lights or floor lamps instead.

  • Focus on the floor- Get some oversized throw pillows or floor cushions and place them on the floor by the sofa, or opt for a coffee table that has hideaway stools. This welcomes guests to utilize the floor without sacrificing comfort, which is a unique way to add more seating in a small living room. You can stack them along the wall and out of the way until guests arrive to help keep the clutter at bay. Oversized throw pillows also add color and texture!

  • Layout- The placement of your furniture is key to adding more seating. Try placing your chairs at an angle or using a corner entertainment center to open up a wall for more furniture placement.

If you follow these tips, you’re guaranteed to have an open and inviting living room no matter what size space you have to work with. Rather than fretting over a small space with little seating, welcome the challenge with an open mind and put your creativity to use! 


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