How to Add Warmth in the Bedroom

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Whether you live in the sunny south or freezing mountain states, everyone loves a master retreat that is warm and inviting. 

“Heat things up” by allowing your furniture to play the leading role. A spacious king size bed takes center stage whether it is glamorous or sleek…as long as you love it. Layer on beautiful linens in assorted textures to add visual interest. Chenille and velvet are the perfect textiles for a sensual touch.  Add spice to the bedroom by using a palette of warm tones like chocolate, russet and creamy tans. Bring in your favorite pieces of art (try Pinterest for ideas on creating your own), mirrors (they’re especially good at making small rooms feel roomier), and then set the mood with ambient lighting. 

The décor in this room is simply delicious. Sexy, soft faux furs draped over the bed beckon your touch. Add subtle hints of vibrant hues—like turquoise—and layer on the rugs. You get instant eye candy and happy feet on chilly mornings.  

A wraparound, upholstered headboard is the epitome of cozy, comfort, and chic. This one is actually called, “Give me Hug.” How inviting is that? Add a fun, vibrant splash of color with our funky teal table.

There are a million ways to dress your bed based on your style and budget. Regardless of whether you prefer real down comforters with hand-made duvet covers or chenille bedspreads, remember our tip from above: start with a good foundation. You spend too much of your life in bed to sleep on cheap sheets. Go for a high thread count. Legacy Home’s 340-thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets are a good place to start.  

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