How To Accent Your Home With Color

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A great pair of shoes can turn jeans and a t-shirt into a hip and trendy outfit, and that indispensable LBD is just, well, a little black dress without a killer necklace and handbag.  Our homes are exactly the same--a good room becomes great when we add the right accessories.

You don’t, however, need to go overboard with the whole brass band to wake up a room. The secret is in the color palette and a few well-placed visual surprises.  hink of every small object and small piece of furniture--side chairs and tables, lamps, rugs, pillows, picture frames and more--as a design opportunity.

 Somerton Dwelling "Dream Catcher" Bed

Patterned Colors: If you’ve got a pattern in your room--whether it’s in a rug, curtains, chair cushion or art on the wall--you’ve already got a palette that was chosen and mixed by a professional. Look closely at the colors in the pattern and let them guide your accent color choices.

Rule of Thumb: To avoid becoming too matchy-matchy, find the colors that occur the least in your pattern and amp them up in the accessories. Let those colors provide your dramatic pop. Secondly, don’t overlook what’s hanging in your closet for ideas--interior design trends take their inspiration from the runway. Still not sure where to go next with color? Take a swatch of your pattern inspiration to the paint store, pick up some chips and play around with them at home.

Somerton Dwelling's "To The Point" Four-Drawer Chest

Color + Color + Color: Once you’ve got a palette in mind, look around for opportunities to put it to work. Dining chairs or bar stools in a range of colors inspired by your palette; a rainbow of comfy throw pillows; or even something as simple as a stack of colorful china plates on display. Eye candy!  

Via Etsy

World Beat: For a rich, textural environment, layer on cultures as well as colors. Unexpected juxtapositions (a painted Indonesian mask hanging over a Victorian chair, or a traditional dining chair upholstered in bright Native American stripes) create stand-out style. Think big, bold, beautiful and colorful!

Somerton Dwelling's "On Your Six" Desk

Hidden Treasures: Christian Louboutin re-defined sexy when he used red soles in his shoe designs. You can do the same by making opportunities for sexy little surprises in your own home. Line drawers with colorful wrapping paper (or take it one step further and paint drawer sides in a signature hue); use a cabinet with an eye-popping interior color; look for bright legs on tables and upholstered furniture--nothing is off limits!

 Via Melissa Waddell Interiors

Chameleon Decor: Accessories are the jewelry of a room--and even your favorite pair of earrings spends the occasional day on the earring rack. Crank up the wow factor at home with colorful lampshades, picture frames, pillows and throws--and remember that those smaller investments also give you an opportunity to change things up regularly without breaking the bank.  

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