Homework Hideaways: A set-up for success

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...So maybe Einstein didn’t mind a cluttered desk, but he didn’t have children at home with homework to do every night, either. As the big yellow buses will rumble down the road before we know it, take time now to get your children organized and set up for success this school year. Create a checklist to help get everyone on track. BHG.com is chock full of especially useful ideas for everything from improving homework habits to creating optimum time for family conversations. Whether your kids crave a quiet work space or relish working in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, we think these furniture pieces will definitely make the grade in your home. 

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Need an out-of-the-way corner for your fashion-forward teen to study? Just like she does with her favorite outfits, you can mix and match with this line until she’s ready to leave for college. The pop of color is perfect. Add bedding and window treatments in complementary or coordinating colors, and voila! — you’ve created a quiet and serene retreat, an ideal place to hit the books.


Sometimes younger children need supervision with their homework, but you need to get dinner on the table, too. Why not add a multipurpose drop-leaf table to your breakfast area? It will take on this assignment beautifully, then you can tackle multiplication tables or spelling lists — while stirring the marinara sauce at the same time!


A growing tween deserves a grown-up workspace. What girl doesn’t like to change her mind and change her room? Give your home that custom-made, built-in look with pieces that can easily be moved around. And give her plenty of space to store masterpieces and memories — a nod to school days past and present. A+ all around!


Your teen is too cool for a desk. He’d rather hang out in the bonus room, learning the chords for that epic song he’s just downloaded. This space doesn’t have to be a catch-all when it comes to furniture, however. A sleek, adaptable workspace can be right at home behind that modular sofa where the whole family loves to gather – and that makes Mom a rockstar. 

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Ready to roll into the new back to school season? The National Safety Council offers tips for adults as timely reminders to slow down and be alert. Set a good example for your little ones. Do your homework and have a wonderful year!
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