Homework: Easy Tips for Back-to-School Success

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Homework: Easy Tips for Back-to-School Success 

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Even though summer isn’t OFFICIALLY over until September 23 in the Northern hemisphere, most kids go back to school in August, ending the days of summer camp, hours at the pool, staying up late and sleeping in, going on vacation, and binging on Netflix. So, how do you transition your home life back into one of structure and organization?

Start by making sure everyone’s on the same page—literally. Set up a family calendar to track school events, doctor appointments, trips, practices, etc. Find what works best for your crew—chalkboard on the kitchen wall? Whiteboard on the fridge? Everyone synced in Outlook? Old-school paper desktop version? This bigger workstation could serve as “command central” with the calendar posted on the bulletin board, storage for extra supplies and a place to organize the never-ending papers that come home from school. It’s good looking, too!


Attack the closets (and dresser drawers). Photo credit to California Closets and this Zillow article www.zillow.com/blog


This is the perfect time to cull through outgrown clothes and shoes—donate them to a shelter or charitable organization—and start your back-to-school shopping list. If you find a need for additional storage space, our iMPROV in G collection lets you create just the piece you need. Use our fun Improvising tool to build your own custom configuration. Drawers, shelves, cubbies, doors, it’s a DIY dream piece. 

Designate a homework area. Setting aside a specific area for homework is a productive way to start the school year off on the right foot. Use clear decorative containers to organize supplies. This is especially important if the workspace is also visible from other public areas of your home.


Limit screen access. This is a good idea for everyone, not just the kids. Put down the iPads, smartphones, computers, TVs, ereaders. Pediatricians recommend turning off the TV in the morning and encouraging reading, puzzles, board games or other activities to help prime young minds for a day of learning. Healthcare professionals also recommend (everyone) turn off all screens about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime to help shut down your brain. This is especially helpful if you have trouble falling (and staying) asleep.

 ipad and computer

Heading back to school might be a bit overwhelming for some students (and parents!) but using these tips—and building your own awesome command central —will help make it a success. Check out these sites for even more ideas: Organized Home.com; National Association of School Psychologists and Healthy Kids Healthy Future.
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