Get a Leg Up on Holiday Entertaining

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As they prepare to entertain this holiday, smart hosts and hostesses are humming more ZZTop than Irving Berlin. That’s because they know the secret to effortlessly accommodating extra and unexpected guests at any supper or soiree is inviting a gate-leg table to the party.

What’s a gate-leg table you ask? It’s a table with pivoting legs that swing out from the frame to support one or two cantilevered (sometimes referred to as “drop”) leaves. Closed, a gate-leg table can easily masquerade most of the year as a console against a wall or behind a sofa, or as a buffet in the dining room. When company comes, simply open the leaves, pull out the cleverly stowed extra legs to support them, and voila! Your console has transformed into another dining table!

Beyond ensuring your best friend’s plus-one doesn’t get assigned to the kid’s table at the big family shindig, gate-legs are a must-have for any small space that would benefit from some extra table space once in awhile. Kid forgot to mention the art project is due tomorrow? Flip open the gate-leg table. Got numbers to crunch and multiple reports to prepare before that early-morning flight? Reach for the gate-leg and spread out in style. When you’re done, simply fold it closed, and like Superman stepping into his phone booth, the table once again takes on its slender profile (and just as quickly). 

Whether you need an instant desk or more elbow room for friends at dinner, gate-legs are a smart investment. Here at Somerton Dwelling, we think the best not only convert easily, but also have great style to boot. So this year, plan to skip the holiday hassle and sing a little ZZ with us…”She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them!” (Come on, “Jingle Bells,” was beginning to sound a little tired anyway!)

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