Build Your Own Furniture with Freestyle Living™!

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It's part of who we are and we hope you'll make it part of who you are.

Today’s home trends are all about being adaptable, about expressing your style and about being functional. But what can you purchase that is going to last through some life stages you know are coming up?

Life happens. You move out on your own, get married, children are born, they grow up, and then it’s on to the golden years of retirement. No matter what life throws at you, it’s always smart to have furniture that can change with you and become a timeless and iconic staple in your home.

Let’s be real, having to buy new furniture to meet your needs throughout life is just not as easy or cheap as it sounds. (You saved that extra cash for family vacations, not a new storage piece!)   

Because we need furniture that can move from room to room and serve multiple purposes, Somerton Dwelling has created the Freestyle Living™ concept. The collection is exactly what the name implies—you have the FREEdom to configure furniture to meet your needs by customizing a piece just for you.

This is the fun part. On our website, you can put your furniture craftsmanship to the test. First pick your base, and then decide whether you want your cabinets to have drawers or shelves. Finish up by selecting a crown for the top. Add a pop of teal or red to your configuration to give your piece a finished, eye-catching touch! Ta-Da! You are now officially a furniture designer. Feel free to store your trophy in your new hutch.

What happens if you decide to paint your room neon green in a few years? You may decide on new color schemes that aren’t a good match for your color-infused shelves. Drum roll…the colored shelves and backboards are completely reversible, so you can flip them around to showcase the all wood look when you’re feeling more traditional. Problem solved.

Now that you’ve designed your very own one-of-a-kind piece of furniture on our website, simply print out your award-worthy design and bring it to a Somerton Dwelling dealer near you! Just visit the dealer locator tab and voila, a fun outing is now in your future.  

If you’re ready to take home the piece of furniture you’re been searching for, the best place to start is with your own imagination. Get creative and bring some personal touches into your home (and get rid of that hideous entertainment center). to get started.

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