Fall 2014 Design Trends

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The fashion bloggers have barely had enough time to put the caps back on their fountain pens before interior designers started translating the best of the runway looks into must-have trends for home. Looking for inspiration for a fall 2014 home refresh? Here’s the best of the best straight from the trendy horse’s mouth.


Fall design trends for homeVia Voolis.com

home decorVia Voolis.com

Forget Drab Hues: This year’s gray goes from clear and cool to deep and smoky. Whichever shade appeals to you, think in layers--gray and white for a clean look, gray on gray for classic and elegant allure, or gray as the perfect background for this season’s saturated jewel tones.

Earthy ochre in shades from mustard to goldenrod and rose quartz pink--two more of this season’s hot colors--play especially well with gray.



Fall interior designVia Fancycribs.com

interior design ideas for fallVia Fancycribs.com

fall decor for the homeVia Fancycribs.com

Blue never goes out of style, but his year’s blues are especially deep and rich, running from peacock to cobalt to indigo.  Sophisticated tie-dye ombre--a runway darling this year-- gives blue an especially modern, fresh feel, but there’s almost nothing that doesn’t work with the new blues.

Black and White

The hard-edged pairing of a couple of seasons ago has given way to softer edges (think chalk on a blackboard) and loose geometric patterns (look for Sixties-style pop art to make a comeback). When black predominates--black walls, black upholstery, black floor--the elegance factor ramps up accordingly.  


  metallic home decor
Turn up the volume with some heavy metal--copper, bronze and titanium are the metallics de jour. The magic is in the mix, with silver and gold tones happily cohabiting the same interior. This season’s metallics aren’t just for metals anymore: look for metallic-finished leather, a metallic glaze brushed over color, a shot of gold in an embroidered pillow or a brocade seat cover, and for the kitchen burnished hardware or a coppery backsplash.

Honey Do

 colors for fall home decor
 We’ve seen plenty of dark wood in the last few years but this season’s honey-toned woods (walnut, oak, cherry), sculptural wicker and driftwood all pair beautifully with the darker more saturated colors coming on fast.  Extra style points (and brownie points!) for finding pieces that use sustainably harvested or reclaimed woods.


  curtains for fall
Heavy drapes and elaborately layered window treatments can make a room feel stuffy and dated. This year’s best dressed windows sport light-filtering sheer fabrics that have the added bonus of movement and flutter. Sheer doesn’t have to mean plain white: look for color, embroidery and pleats for an added shot of sophistication.

Whatever colors you choose to surround yourself with at home, the most important thing is to love your space. Add more color to your home!
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