Enjoy a Quiet Evening at Home

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You’ve just moved into your first home together—the boxes are unpacked, you’ve made the obligatory compromises of not using the smoked glass and chrome shelving from his dorm room and ditching your floral bedding and fluffy pilllows. You’ve weathered the busy holidays of parties and shopping and you’re looking forward to a quiet evening at home entertaining the people who helped you get through it all—your friends.

Swapping an evening out on the town for an evening at home has many benefits—you don’t have to pick a place everyone likes, no parking hassles, no expensive dinner or bar tabs, and no running into that coworker you’ve been avoiding since the office Christmas party. 

Whether you scoured Pinterest and the decorating magazines for ideas or you come by it naturally, you’ve created a home to be proud of. Pairing a striking geometric rug with the modern, but darkly sophisticated Maxx table sets the scene for the evening. It’s a cozy, comfortable space for a foursome to enjoy dinner by the fire while the snow starts to fall.

Strip away the noise and trappings of a big gathering and reconnect with those friends who keep you grounded. It’s nights like these where you discuss the heavy things (like what are you going to do with your life, where your career is going, and how you’re going to juggle what you want to do versus what you have to do) and the lighter things (like which wine will go best with your first try at homemade soup).

While we don’t have the answers for the former discussion, we can help with the latter.

Cooking Light has a scrumptious recipe for Beef Bourguignonne - the perfect feast fir a cold winter night when paired with some homemade (or store-bought - we won't judge) crusty bread and a salad.  The classic French stew is sure to impress - especially when the last meal you prepared for your friends was box mac & cheese in the dorm. 

 Credit: myrecipes.com

And, of course, since we all know the healthy benefits of red wine, Cooking Light has recommendations for some pinot noirs to accompany your masterpiece.

Credit: winefolly.com

So—set the table, put on a pot of soup, uncork the wine and have a great evening…with a little help from your friends.
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