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Big, open spaces are one of the biggest luxuries of having an open floor plan. As the character Brennan Huff said in the movie Step Brothers, "…there is more room for activities!”

But with wide open spaces, it can easily feel like you’re living in an arena rather than a cozy home. Your living room morphs into the kitchen, and your dining table is floating in the room with no formal distinction of a dining space. Without much separation in the room, decorating can actually become quite a challenge.

Before you say “no” to open floor plans (they have plenty of benefits, too!), here are a few ways to stylishly divide your room to help create more intimate spaces with an open floor plan.

Via The Design File

Use Bookcases or an Étagère: Instead of putting a bookcase or an étagère against a wall, create room division by placing in in the middle of a large room to make two smaller, more distinctive spaces. One side could be your living room while the other can serve as a dining area. 

Via Better Homes and Garden

Pocket Doors: If your home’s plan allows for installation of pocket doors, take advantage of it! Many places sell decorative doors that slide in and out of the walls to create separate rooms when the need arises. If pocket doors aren’t an option, sliding barn doors, like these featured on Remodelista, are also a great alternative.


Divide with Metal Strands: Remember back in the 70’s (and then its comeback in the 90s) when the retro, ultra-groovy bead curtains were the “it” item to include in your bedroom doorway? Fine chain-link mesh is a great, up-to-date, and creative approach to dividing a room while still being able to walk through, like yesteryear’s peace-sign multi-colored beaded curtains. 

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Curtains: If you love an ethereal feel, then sheer curtains are the solution! Not only will they help separate your space, they create a whimsical atmosphere.

Remember, dividing a large room into smaller spaces creates privacy and functionality. Get creative with your space while still enjoying an open concept. With today’s modern living and transitional lifestyles, an open floor plan is now a blank slate for your own personal style!

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