Cozy Fall Home Decorating Ideas

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The days are shorter, the nights are cooler and the holidays are just around the corner--it’s the perfect time to work a little seasonal magic in your home.  No need to stress about big projects (who’s got the time when there’s so much fun fall stuff to do?!)…just think cozy, comfy and welcoming.

Fall decorating ideasVia Better Homes and Gardens

Warm It Up With Color: The cool blues and greens that kept the house feeling fresh during the hot months may seem a little on the chilly side now.  Layer on warm colors and inviting textures with new sofa pillows and woolly throws in spicy hues (paprika, turmeric, or cinnamon).  Ready for more?  Add a little bit of trendy-right-now metallic shine in bronze and gold.

Fall decorating tipsVia Dwellers Without Decorators

Underfoot: Hardwood and ceramic tile floors can feel icy cold on a winter morning.  Give your house a little warmth by layering some small area rugs over the bare edges left by your year-round rugs.  

Here’s a chance to have some fun: Layer faux sheepskin over the border of your existing rug, and pick up some nubby rag rugs in saturated colors, or find a gently worn antique Asian rug.  Lay the rugs at an angle to play up the visuals of the carpet underneath.

Fall table decorating ideasSomerton Dwelling Sophisticate Dining Room Table

The Seasonal Table: Don’t wait for a special occasion to dress up your table for fall.  Mark the changing seasons by changing out your everyday china for a new set of plates and bowls in richer colors or new patterns.  Light candles; add an arrangement of leaves and dried grasses, and even a weeknight family dinner will feel like a party.

Fall bedroom decorVia A Log Cabin Store

Get Down: The thermostat will tell you when it’s time to swap out the light summer blanket for a cozy down comforter.  Take the opportunity to dress up the whole bedroom with a new duvet cover and new linens in rich, cozy fall colors.

Fall outdoor decoratingVia Opulent Cottage

Inside Out: Cooler weather can actually make outdoor spaces more inviting.  Long (bug-free!) autumn evenings on the porch or patio are even more appealing with a touch of cool-weather comfort.  Provide guests with cozy throws hung over the back of each chair and load up the fire pit with aromatic pinion logs.


Fireplace Safety: Whether it’s a traditional fireplace, a gas fireplace or a wood-burning stove, your fireplace (and possibly your chimney) needs yearly maintenance.  Attend to it before the cold weather hits so you can enjoy a worry-free fire on the first frosty day.

Via Design Obessions

Let It Glow: Don’t have a working fireplace?  Load up on candles instead.  Beautiful big pillars, tea lights in pretty containers, elegant tapers--the possibilities are endless.  For added romance tuck some flameless LED candles into bookshelves and other spots where real candles might not work.  

Via The Old Mercantile

Point Of View: Cozy up your rooms by changing out your breezy summer window treatments for heavier curtains in rich colors and patterns.  For added warmth, look for insulated shades--these days they come in a variety of appealing materials and styles that will warm your rooms and lower your heating bill.


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