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One great piece with great lines is a smart investment

Curl up with any of your favorite fashion magazines and in nearly every issue, at least one article will focus on accessorizing. Watch the crowds during Fashion Week, no matter the season or year, and notice what the fabulously chic fashion editors are wearing. It’s a good bet that you’ll see beautifully dressed women looking like they just stepped from the pages of their publications. Though we might not register it right away, because we’re all swooning over their handbags and shoes, they are all essentially wearing the same thing: A little black dress.

Now, the editor of Vogue might have accessorized her with her signature over-size shades, and the editor of Elle might be wearing three strands of “Jackie O” pearls, while women at Marie Claire are swathed in to-die-for statement bracelets, but in the final analysis, in every case, all the elegant and eye-catching pieces that entrance us are layered over one simple silhouette with great lines.   

We all know why the little black dress is such a fashion staple. It’s the one piece in our closets that is perfect for every mood and occasion. Dress it up for a party, dress it down for a day of shopping with the girls, add great earrings and a jacket and you’re ready for a meeting in the boardroom. The point is the little black dress is the one piece we can all depend upon to look and feel great no matter the day, time and company. 

So it goes with fashion-savvy décor as well. Take this svelte server for example. Dress it in a collection of colorful ceramics in a variety of clean geometric shapes, add a handful of dry branches in clear glass, a textural lamp and a painted avocado for dimension, and set the entire scene with that architectural wall piece you found antiquing last weekend, and it reads relaxed elegance. 

Feeling a little more Hollywood glam? Switch out your countrified chic for a pair of mercury glass lamps, and a tray stocked with good wine at the ready, and reflect the blinged-out look around the space with a simple mirror. Note how it all ties together with the slender silver hardware of our sensational-looking starlet!

Oh wait…you’re sitting at a different runway show, and this one is all about the modern man. Check out how the very same piece goes 007 sexy, complete with a trio of martinis (shaken not stirred), backed by modern black-and-white graphics, and suddenly you’re looking at downtown, metropolitan cool. 

As with any great model, shopping for furniture is all about finding pieces you love with great bones, then dressing them to suit your personal style! 

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