10 Cool Bedroom Inspirations

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Looking for some fresh ideas on how to take your bedroom from boring to beautiful? Before you start your bedroom makeover, check out these really cool bedroom inspirations we all wish were our real-life bedrooms. Now, it’s pretty obvious that some of these bedrooms may sway on the side of outrageous and expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to dream! If you are inspired with an idea that you can implement in your home, then these bedrooms will serve their purpose!

Star gazing takes a whole new meaning with this luxury bedroom:

 Via Pinterest

Bring the outdoors in with this tree branch bed:

Via Apartment Therapy

For the people who prefer a view of the outdoors, but still like to live in the lap of luxury:

Via the Bedroomist

A whimsical, rustic bedroom makes for sweet dreams:

Via The Owner Builder Network

Finding Nemo is the new counting sheep with the aquarium bed (check out the lamps inside the tank):

Via Bored Panda

For the child at heart, turn your bedroom into a treehouse paradise. This one’s great for the kids:

Via Pinterest

Let your dreams set sail with this masterpiece:

Via Funpedia

The “I sleep where you vacation” bedroom:

Via Stylish Eve

For futuristic fans, this Star Trek-esque pod bedroom will have you totally geeking out:

Via The Ultra Linx

Small spaces can still be great places! If you live in a studio or micro apartment, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfy and efficient digs:

Via Pinterest

If your budget is $50,000 or $50, it’s okay to take inspiration from ideas that may seem unattainable. Can’t afford a fancy aquarium bed? Get a small tank with some colorful fish and place it somewhere where you can see it as you drift off to sleep. Can’t spring for a glass ceiling? Add some mirrors to your bedroom and pull back the curtains to let the light in. Whatever you dream, make your room your oasis!

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