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Noto Dresser and Minella Mirror

You like keeping things separate—socks in one drawer, light t-shirts in another and dark t-shirts in a third. Which is why this nine-drawer dresser is perfect for you. Now you can memorize what goes in each drawer. They don’t call you organized for nothing! 
You like a little mystery in your life, but not when it comes to how you look. See your reflection clear as day before you head out to greet the world. And after a shopping spree, this looking glass won’t lie about whether you can shake your booty in those new jeans.
Sku: 153D92/93
Dimension: 111''W x 21-1/2''D x 72''H
Weight: 298.73 lb
Wood: Walnut with Zebrawood
Finish: Charcoal
Type: Dressers and Mirrors
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