The living room, or some prefer to call it the family room, is really where most of the “living” happens. It’s where we go to relax or to catch up on the day’s important news. It’s the spot where friends gather to catch the game or where family movie night happens. As a part of our Modern electronics are now a part of our daily routine and often we use those devices in the living room around various pieces of living room furniture.

Then it makes sense to want stylish options for a TV cabinet or TV console that offer great functionality and personalize your space with smartly styled decor. The old television furniture that once dominated the living room has given way to more clean-lined offerings that are loaded with thoughtful features. Our TV cabinets and consoles not only provide a place for a TV and to tuck away your movie collection but it should add character and charm to your living room.

Depending on your style, Somerton Dwelling offers multiple TV stands and consoles that will fit perfectly into your living space. Our beautifully designed TV consoles come in many sizes that work into smaller spaces or more expansive areas. The Ready to Rock TV Cabinet is great for larger rooms. For smaller living spaces the The Time Out Corner Cabinet works well.
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