The living room is the gathering spot in virtually every home. It’s where you congregate with friends, enjoy cocktails with neighbors, and entertain colleagues. It’s the family hub where watching TV, checking emails, and taking a quick snooze all occur. Your living room should be a reflection of your life, your style and your aspirations. It needs to have great seating, plenty of storage, multipurpose tables and be gorgeous to boot.

No matter your personal taste or preference Somerton Dwelling has designs that fit every style and purpos from functional coffee tables to versatile cabinets, stylish accent seating to hardworking media consoles.

Accent chairs not only provide additional seating for friends and family, but they add a dash of color and contrast providing that add oomph that take rooms from normal to “wow.”

For those interested in eye-catching designs and refreshing colors look to the exciting Open Seating collection. With their zesty appeal and showstopping style, these chairs are just the thing when you want to enliven your living space.

Discover Somerton Dwelling’s exciting collection of living room furniture that will add a sprinkle of style or choose to completely transform your space for truly gracious living.
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